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How to Easily Convert Your Retirement to a Digital IRA

Digital IRAs are "Self Directed" retirement accounts. Essentially, that means you assume control and responsibility for all the decision making inside your account. And as a result, you gain access to a much wider variety of assets that aren't allowed in conventional retirement accounts.

It's important that you understand how a Digital IRA works, so below we'll cover all of the steps that go into setting one up and getting started. However, rest assured that your Digital Currency Specialist at FDIRA will assist you every step of the way, including with:

  • Preparing paperwork and submitting to you for final approval
  • Working with the custodian of your current IRA or 401(k) to ensure a smooth rollover process to your new Self Directed IRA
  • Explaining your options for the digital currencies (or cryptocurrencies) to place in your IRA, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Ensuring secure storage of your digital currencies
  • Assisting with additional contributions and distributions
  • Answering questions at any stage of the process, and after your purchase

Knowing that you're in good hands with FDIRA, here's how all the pieces of a Self Directed Digital IRA fit together…

1) Arrange a Custodian

By law, all Self Directed IRAs must be managed by a certified custodian. You maintain full control over the investments in your account, but your custodian acts to carry out your directions and administer your account.

FDIRA has a strategic relationship with Kingdom Trust Co., the foremost Digital IRA custodian, for its customers' accounts to be placed there.

2) Open Your New Self Directed IRA

With your custodian selected, your Digital Currency Specialist at FDIRA will begin working to open your new retirement account. We will prepare all paperwork and collect required documentation from you, keeping your time and effort required as minimal as possible. With your final consent to proceed and the application is filed with Kingdom Trust Co., your new account will typically be ready in a few weeks or less.

3) Begin Transferring Assets

After your new Self Directed IRA account is open, FDIRA will coordinate with your prior and new custodians to transfer assets from one account to the other. Your Digital Currency Specialist will ensure that all the proper rules and regulations are followed so that the process is smooth and free of unnecessary penalties or costs.

4) Prepare Wallet and Exchange

Your wallet is the secure, encrypted software device that will hold your digital currencies (cryptocurrencies), and your exchange is where purchases and sales will be made.

FDIRA will coordinate all technical requirements to get you ready to buy and store your digital currencies -- using the most secure and reliable wallet providers and an industry leading exchange platform.

5) Start Buying and Selling Digital Currencies

After your first purchase, you may buy and sell digital currency assets at your discretion by contacting FDIRA directly. Your Digital Currency Specialist will coordinate with your account custodian, Kingdom Trust Co., to promptly execute your orders. As long as proceeds are reinvested within your new retirement account (to any asset of your choice, digital currency or not), they will remain untaxed.

If you'd like to learn more about how to quickly and easily convert your retirement account into a Digital IRA, please contact FDIRA today. One of our Digital Currency Specialists will explain the process step-by-step and answer any questions you may have.

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